Why I Stopped Worrying About What I Eat


I’m going to out and say that I still focus on healthy eating, but when I fail – I simply don’t bother beating myself up over it. You can’t constantly keep eating what you need to eat without enjoying life a little, you know? What use is good health if you are always worried about gaining weight and being hungry all the time. When you are super healthy that’s all life seems to be. You get up, exercise, eat right, work, exercise some more, eat right, work some more, go home eat right and sleep.

We Are Not A.I.

Whatever your routine may be – that is the problem. Life is not always structured and a routine. Do you really enjoy forcing yourself to do something ALL the time? Life isn’t some NASCAR race. What difference does it make if you finish the race a few seconds faster than everyone else?

Sometimes I like to eat a homemade burger or some pizza. At times you may even catch me stuffing my face with some chocolate chip oatmeal cookies. I always work it out in the end, so I remain happy and also SANE. That is what is important to me; keeping my sanity.

stop worrying about everything

I enjoy what I have in life because before you know it even that can be taken from you. It’s not irrational to have fun once in a while. All it takes is a matter of perspective and you are suddenly looking at life through different lenses. Don’t stress too much about not being who you want to be here and now. You’ll get there eventually.

Anyway you look at it it’s practically impossible to be totally healthy, because even the produce that we eat has been slightly modified over millennia. The wheat we use to make our bread is much smaller and less stocky than the one our ancestors consumed on a daily basis. Don’t even get me started on the soil.

This Is As Good As It Gets

The point is – we are not living in the ideal world that we try to attain. The ecology doesn’t allow us to live for a very long time unlike the time of the dinosaurs when a reptile could live for hundreds of years and grow very, very large.

Worrying about your health TOO much is essentially counterproductive. It’s not much different from a very rich person who buries money in a field instead of investing in something that will actually make a difference.

So, I’ll tell you why I stopped worrying about what I eat, because being slightly(not even noticeably) healthier, but more stressed is not what I picture when I think of happiness. Happiness should be our priority even though good health does help reach it up to a point.