Poor vs Wealthy Mindset

The story of the poor vs wealthy mindset. I was watching a few documentaries about the lives of the very rich and I noticed a few things. The first is that they are polar opposites from the poor in almost every way but one; they don’t have a purpose in life. Everything is so easily attainable that they don’t know what to do with their time.

They end up walking around buying material possessions that they don’t care about or need. They are not much different from poor people in that they both lack structure and focus in life.

On Second Thought, Classes Doesn’t Matter

I have since learned that it’s best to live life like a middle to middle upper class, because even though you can buy many things you don’t take it for granted and have time for the things that truly mean something to you. This entire blog is about motivating people to do something about their lives, specifically where their health and fitness are concerned.

This is why I believe that middle class people are generally healthier both physically and mentally and statistics show this to be true as we suffer less from the things that the rich and the poor suffer from. I believe that we were all meant to be somewhere in the middle spectrum. We help each other and still live abundantly.

It’s a shame that the world doesn’t live the way that our ancestors lived. Well, at least my ancestors did. I’m not talking about things like slavery and barbarianism, because that part of life existed with ALL nations. No single nation is an exception from doing bad things.

No one is perfect, but we should still strive for perfection.

Health Over Wealth

Being healthy is far more meaningful than being wealthy. How we view the world has much to do with our health. Wealth on the other hand can’t bring you happiness. I know lots of people who make 4 or 5 figures a day and they will tell you the very same thing. Fame, wealth and power aren’t everything.

I’d much rather continue living in the comfort of my own home and take a break whenever I wanted. I’d much rather invest my time and money in building relationships and perhaps a small indoor gym for myself to stay in shape and my own nutritionist + cook for the proper food intake.

joe e lewis poor vs wealthy mindset

I have never been rich before but I can tell you that I have had enough to live a fairly decent life. It was nice, but having too much money isn’t as exciting as one might think. Some of my friends are millionaires now and they spend more time working than actually enjoying that time with their loved ones.

So what is the point of this post? The point is try not pursue things that will fade over time. I don’t believe that health and beauty will fade if you take good care of yourself. Even if it did, its much better to gain wisdom, knowledge and understanding when you have good health.

As for money? Money is good to have, but better to invest in something meaningful instead of wasting it.