My Personal Work Out Routine

Today I wanted to discuss my personal work out routine. Before I get into it – I need to make something clear: This is not a how-to-guide. It’s simply how I spend my work out sessions these days. You can try these just about anywhere, because they don’t require special weights or anything like that.

It Begins

In my 5+ years of experience I have found that there is no clear cut answer for the perfect routine or the perfect diet. Everything that we say or do should be done in moderation, because our bodies will react in different ways depending even on things like exercising in the morning or at night.

I have given up lifting weights and focus on calisthenics and cardio. I’m not into building muscles as much as raising my stamina and endurance. I would say that I am nearing my top physique in regards to endurance because I can now go for hours doing intense training with mild energy loss.

It usually goes something like this: I get up and stretch. Then I run 2 or 3 miles and after that 10 minutes of blood pumping intensity exercising including jump rope. All of this followed by Tae Kwon Do stretching exercises. Finally, I finish it all off with 30 minutes of thigh and leg lifting.

It’s a little difficult at first to get used to working out so much. Your body needs the proper nutrients in order to sustain you routine. The first few months will be grueling, but gradually you will get used to it. I wouldn’t recommend doing a lot of cardio when you are bodybuilding. Too much running, for example, can actually prevent muscle gains in the long run.

My Personal Work Out Routine

I mainly just do push ups, pull up and sit ups every day and a morning jog. Sometimes crunches and leg ups will be the main focus instead of regular sit ups. for pull ups it depends on the soreness of my muscles due to other work related activities. Chin ups are the way to go when you can’t be bothered to do anything else.

I’ve written before that there isn’t a perfect way to work out and that is true. It’s nearly impossible to know if you will get the exact same results by doing the very thing that someone else was doing. Some people have a difficult time losing body fat despite gaining muscle weight faster.

Before getting serious with fitness I exercised on the family treadmill. It didn’t do much for me in the end. Turns out that you can’t continue eating junk food and sit around all day watching tv and expect to lose weight. Not even the treadmill would save you there.



I hope that my personal work out routine has helped you in some way. It’s not the full plan because I tend to vary it somewhat. Sometimes I will even focus on TKD instead of calisthenics. Generally, the work out plan is not much different than what Saitama (One Punch Man) does. What do you guys think about that?