New Beginnings Blog

I have been following many different blogs lately and many of them are doing what I am doing. Sometimes you just have to do things you normally wouldn’t do. If I truly wish to help people then I have to follow these steps. I guess you could call this my new beginnings blog.

Why Do You Blog?

When you make a blog, what is the first thing you decide? Do you think about the goal at hand or the ‘end game’? Do you worry about what your competitors are doing? Are you doing it for the money?

For me, I love what I do even though sometimes I don’t do a very good job at it. It’s all part of the learning process. Everything you do in life is connected to your state of mind and it shows in how you work and how you look.

I used to worry too much about doing something wrong. Well, the truth is there is no wrong where making websites is concerned. You never know what sort of opportunity will present itself, as long as you put in the hours and try to achieve something meaningful.

Starting a health blog requires you to already be familiar with the basics of weight loss, fitness and a healthy lifestyle itself.

I could write about whatever, but it wouldn’t be meaningful. I think it would actually be more beneficial to write blogs when I have more visitors, because then it would be more of a discussion.

A Forum Probaby Wouldn’t Work

I’m not at all against improving things. I would actually love it if someone emailed or posted a comment to see what they would want me to improve on my site.

This site is still in it’s infancy. I’m thinking about writing on many relevant topics with my own twist and opinion on the subject.


I tend to do things a little differently and my opinions on what works and what doesn’t differs from your typical fitness trainers, not that I fall into that category.

A fitness motivator is someone who inspires people to take action instead of waiting for an opportunity to arise. The best way to learn if something works is to try it for yourself. Just don’t overdo it.

There is no big secret to success and that is no exception where health and fitness are concerned. You must read and then apply what you have learned. Only then can you truly know if it is for you or not.

It’s Still Hard Work

It took me years of working out to come to a point where I’m confident about what works and what doesn’t.

Writing a blog is a lot like writing a journal except you could potentially attract hundreds of thousands or maybe even millions of people to read what you have to say.

Bloggers tend to spend hours researching keywords and figuring out how to bring value to their blogs. While I try to do those things, my main concern is to sound natural and not like some formal robot. I don’t want to put off people who share my enthusiasm about these things.

I’m a fairly down to earth gal and would prefer to be seen as such. This is actually my first blog in over 3 years. My writing is still pretty rusty.

No worries! I’m going to give it my all! 🙂