Buffets Made Me Fat

I wanted to talk a bit about restaurants and fast food buffets. While I loved eating at our local Chinese buffet – every plate of food that I piled up felt like another 2 or 3 pounds added to my overall weight. My dad used to take me to the buffet after work and I found that those buffets made me fat.

Buffets Made Me Fat

It was a scary time for me. Luckily, at 15 I had a slightly better metabolism. Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough to offset eating at the buffet 5x a week. That is a lot of calories for an office worker. Yes, I had an unofficial job before the library at such a young age.

This was around the year 2004 when I was learning books on hacking because I wanted to learn how to crack appliances and security systems. Yeah, I watched waaay too many movies.

Isn’t it interesting how the worst type of food is the one that is the most accessible? Seriously, everything from MSG to GMO is everywhere. We spend so much time worrying about what is cheaper, but what we really need to do is focus on what is healthier.

Is it really worth it?
Is it really worth it?

Every day I get up and still find myself thinking about buffets from time to time despite not having eaten at one for over 6 years now. The food there couldn’t have been tastier than what my sister makes on a daily basis.

It was all of those additives that gave the illusion of it being tastier to our taste buds.

The food I buy here in Eastern Europe is now just as unhealthy if not even worse than back in the States.

That’s how it is for people who either can’t afford or can’t be bothered to raise their own livestock.

I have to say that after going to so many different buffets from Olive Garden to the 1# Chinese Buffet – I might have become addicted without noticing it. It’s just like with Pepperoni Pizza.

I haven’t tried it in years, but still have the cravings, even though I don’t eat pork products anymore.

Health Is More Important Than Social Norms

Every day I realize more and more just how crappy my way of life was. You think to yourself, “Oh, come on. There’s poor kids all across the globe and you whine about something so insignificant.” But you know what? I honestly would rather go hungry than eat any more of the chemical -laced processed food.

When it comes to health, sacrifices must be made. Do you see all those people in nursing homes? Do you think they are there just because they are “old and unwanted”? No, that is the culmination of spending decades eating whatever was available and now they suffer for it.

I met a 74 year old woman once who was healthier than I was and even her 102 year old father was still alive and well for his age. He hasn’t even went to the doctor in over 6 decades.

These people didn’t suffer from common diseases at that age. From what I can recall, the woman had some type of cancer.

I’m amazed at how much our metabolism and immune system can correct itself. As long as we don’t continue bombarding it with all of this “fast food” and “junk food”, we’ll be fine.

It’s not too late to have that dream body. I’m working to preserve mine.

Take care, you guys. 🙂