The Big Diabetes Lie Review – Cure or Sham?

The Big Diabetes Lie Review

I have written before about having diabetes and it wasn’t an easy battle. Even after using the Diabetes Destroyer – I still wanted to learn more to make sure I kept the diabetes away for good. I wanted to learn things about diabetes from a more scientific approach.

So, I skimmed through the preview of the book and… didn’t like what I read. I decided to buy it either way and it really had a lot of useless information. Inside were all sorts of tedious science talk about foods that would be acceptable for you when fighting against type 2 diabetes, like raw vegetables and fruits. Yay!

If you are like me you will probably want to get your hands on as much info about type 2 diabetes as you can. I don’t want you to suffer as I did. That is why I’m not recommending this product to you.

Power of The Mind

The thing is that I believe that with willpower, proper nutrition and exercise we can overcome just about any disease that nature throws at us.

A strong immune system could prevent the need for vaccines and many other such harmful bacteria in our bodies.

Gee, it’s either diet pills or eating nasty crap. No Thanks!

Remember that the Big Pharma companies don’t actually care about you or your health (neither does The Big Diabetes Lie) but how much money they can squeeze out of you. So what happens then? Well, you could either continuously walk your path in life in fear or realize that the only person who can truly help you is you yourself.

Only you have the ability to decide what is best for you and if you actually want to cure your affliction or let it build up into something worse. You must be willing to do whatever it takes to fight that pesky type 2 diabetes.

How It Works

If you manage to sift through 540 page of bullshit mixed in with facts, congratulations. There’s about 20 Chapters in the main book. Sorry, I was half asleep by the time I got to page 130, so I’m not entirely sure. Then there’s some broscience about how dieting is actually beneficial to insulin production.

Keep in mind that the people who wrote the book can’t promise that their knowledge will help you if you have type 1 diabetes. This is strictly for the type 2 group. One thing I agree with is that the book mentions how pills don’t help diabetics and actually make them more dependent on drugs.


Moreover, there’s a 30-day diabetes plan to get rid of toxins from your body. This part works, however, it is not strictly beneficial to diabetes, but also work for a regular liver detox. If you want to have a proper liver detox then take a look at the 3 Week Diet. It’s not much different.


But here’s the small inconsistency. If detoxing the liver is harmful for diabetes, why is this program recommending it? You tell me.


Anyway, all of this information you could find online for free. I guess that’s not much different from most products these days. Hope this helps at least one first.


This Is Not The Product For You

Let me give you this FREE preview so you can decide if this is something you think will work for you or not. It’ll take roughly 1 hour and 30 minutes of your time to read through this Word document. I hope you are prepared to have an eye-opening experience, because this is exactly what you NEED to hear (or read), to see just how full of shit it really is.

7 steps to health screen

7 Steps to Health-The Big Diabetes Lie – preview

I was once depressed and pessimistic about life. Diabetes was a major factor in this. Who wants to live their life worrying about having to take their next insulin shot? I refused to accept that and did everything I could to avoid using insulin. Instead, I walked around with sweets at the ready whenever I started getting the “shakes”.

While eating sweets somewhat stabilizes the blood sugar, the other problem is having high-blood pressure because of the carbs. You risk messing up your immune system even more with all of that junk food.


  • There’s a lot of information, not good information, but much to read, if that’s your sort of thing.
  • Compiled by someone with a PhD – Whatever good that would do.
  • Rehashed info you could find online. At least that part is useful.
  • 60 Day Money Back Guarantee: arguably the only good thing going for it. Consider it seriously.


  • Oh, boy. This is where things get serious. These people actually think we are stupid enough not to sniff out pure BS.
  • Much of the information is pure science jargon that is outdated
  • Doesn’t actually cure diabetes (only helps insulin stability)
  • Can’t eat meat and most other proteins while on it? That defeats the purpose of, “I love lasagna.”
  • Must become some sort of pseudo-vegan to even remotely benefit from this program.
  • Strange views on conspiracy theories regarding pharmaceutical companies. Hey guys, we know that Big Pharma doesn’t like us, but really?

 The Bottom Line – It’s Garbage

Sweets and other junk food also didn’t go easy with my weight problems, let me tell you that. It’s extremely frustrating knowing that no matter what you do, all of the odds are against you. If it wasn’t for all of the products that I’m reviewing, then I would have been a goner long before my 21st birthday.

Imagine a world without junk food and high sugar foods. Do you really think it would be possible to get either type 1 or type 2 diabetes? I don’t think so. It’s nice to be able to eat a slice of pizza or a burger once in a while. However, you must be careful or else your health will bring you down both physically and mentally.

Don’t let your diabetes get the best of you. Focus on what needs to be done 1 step at a time. Before you know it, diabetes will become just a dark memory in your life.


This was supposed to be a big book of information on how to cure type 2 diabetes, not some rehashed, underpriced material on practically dieting to keep diabetes under control. If diabetes can’t be cured then LET US KNOW, otherwise don’t bother making a product about it. If you guys want a real way to get rid of diabetes without all the faulty accusations and a real bang for your buck then check out the Diabetes Destroyer.

The Big Diabetes Lie is supposedly $14 now (limited offer). Remember: You get what you pay for.

Overall Rating: 2000px-1-5_stars-svg

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The Big Diabetes Lie – Scams Are Us

I wish you the best of luck and there might be times when it will seem nearly impossible but never give up and eventually you will defeat it!

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