The Beta Switch Review – Does It Really Work?

The Beta Switch Review

Don’t you just hate it how everyone around you seems to either lose weight easily or doesn’t gain any weight even if they stuff themselves full of junk food? You try and you try only to be back where you started. No amount of rage will cause you to lose an ounce of your weight, so what can you really do? If you are like me and have trouble keeping the weight off then you might just want to hear what I am about to tell you.

According to the Beta Switch women lose weight completely differently from men. Not only do many of the exercises not work for us, but can actually cause you to GAIN weight! Yes, it sounds really crazy and being the skeptic – I decided to review it for myself to see just how true the science behind it was. 

Follow me and I’ll explain not only what the Beta Switch is and how it works, but why or why not it might just very well be the single most important item in your weight loss journey.

What Is The Beta Switch?

The Beta Switch system is made as an easily accessible eBook targeting weight loss for women. What’s more is that it specifically teaches women of all shapes and sizes the real reason behind their struggle with losing weight and keeping it off. In essence, the Beta Switch approaches weight loss through the lens of alpha and beta receptors and explains why certain areas of the body retain more body fat than other places.

To put it in other words, the Beta switch is a 3 month program focusing on your lifestyle and nutrition. It provides you with a concrete regime to burn off fat by using the alpha and beta receptor found in your body.

How Does It Work?

It works in opposition to other diet and weight loss programs, whereas instead of forcing you to go through tedious work out routines it explains how the body actually loses weight and how you can target each point of your body to get rid of the layer upon layer of fat that remains, even after all those work outs that you continuously force yourself to do.

It wasn't impossible for her.
Wouldn’t you love to look like this after following the program?

Who Is Sue Heintze and Why Should You Trust Her?

 Sue Heintze is the author of the Beta Switch eBook. She is also the founder of Ideal Bodies Online and has written for several fitness magazines such as Shape and Australian Oxygen.

With over 20 years of experience in the field of fitness, Sue has coached many women in bodybuilding competitions. A number of them have become champions. 

Before Sue became the success that she is today, she had severe body image issues. After going through intensive workout regimes and countless diets, Sue noticed that the last of her body fat simply would not go away.

She did not give up no matter how much the trouble with weight loss had with her self-esteem and emotional issues. Through the grueling years, Sue Heintze eventually discovered the research that would inevitably lead to her writing the Beta Switch.

Many women suffer every year from body image issues and can’t lose weight, so Sue made it her mission in life to help those who are where she once was. To her, this is more than just about looking fit and healthy; it’s about changing the very lives of the women who struggle to survive in this often harsh world.

What You Will Get With The Beta Switch

  • The Beta Switch Main Manual – a 117 page eBook in PDF format with a thorough explanation of the beta receptors and how to activate them. This includes the hormones that will have an impact on how well those beta receptors will function. The Manual also contains full lists of food groups and diet plans to follow for the proper way to regulate those aforementioned hormones.
  • The Beta Switch Workout Manual – Due to how the alpha and beta receptors work, this manual isn’t necessary. However, it helps achieve the best results. You can expect to follow full-HD workout videos to understand how to do the exercises correctly. Going to the gym is highly recommended, as the workouts require gym equipment to achieve the goals.
  • The Beta Switch Diet Tracker – Helps keep your diet routine in check. Useful gadget for  making sure that you are following the steps to fitness.
  • Lifetime Membership to Tight & Toned Club – An online site where you can share progress, gain insight to proper workout tips and dieting and even talk to Sue Heintze directly. The perfect place to help you stay motivated in your weight loss journey.

Is This The Right Program For You?

If you are struggling to lose those love handles or the fat under your arms even after all those faulty diets and useless work out routines then this is very well the product for you. Since not a single person (either male or female) is the same, I can’t honestly guarantee that this program will work for you, but with a 60 day money back guarantee it’s at least worth the risk.



  • Easy to follow and highly effective lessons
  • Teaches you how to turn on your inner fat burning switch
  • The program allows you to still eat what you love
  • Doesn’t require you to do high intensive workouts
  • You will very likely look far hotter and healthier than even many fitness junkies after following the entire program
  • Again, comes with a 60 day money back guarantee


  • Needs your complete attention
  • Not a physical product
  • Going to the gym is recommended to get the most from the workout manual


We’ve looked at both the good and the bad of the program and honestly, I hope it has had just as much of a strong impact on you as it has on me. The material found within the pages leaves a sense of awe for me, like some  internal

The Beta Switch will not only have you looking the best that you have ever looked, but it will also teach you how to see yourself as you look. The psychology behind the program is second to none. Do yourself a favor and get it. You owe it to yourself to be the best person you’ve ever been and look great doing it!

Overall Rating:


Because of all the distractions in life – I couldn’t completely commit to the program and noticed subtle changes. My biggest gripe and the main reason why I lowered the score by a 0.5 was because you truly must give it your all to see just how much it will change your life. The lesser reason is because of the gym equipment needed.

Other than that, for the now lowered price of $19, it’s practically a steal!

If you would like to know more, click on the image below:


You can read all about it by clicking on this link.

Are you as excited as I am about the Beta Switch? There is so much more information out there.

Here’s to achieving the body that you have always desired. 🙂



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