3 Week Diet Plan Review – How I Lost 24 Pounds in 21 Days

Doesn’t it just bother you that no matter how much you try to lose weight, it just refuses to go away? You try this and you try that and.. you are back to where you started. So you lose confidence in yourself and begin to wonder, “maybe I just was not meant to be skinny.. to be fit.”

That is exactly the kind of thinking that makes people give up and join some “fat positive” or “fat acceptance” groups. Why? Because they lack self-esteem.

According to the The 3 Week Diet: this is not some fad that you have tried before only to be let down time and time again. There are no diet pills, no liposuction, no secret magical formula, which is just the same old rehashed garbage.

To get an idea of how it works I’ll give you this free report:

3 weeks

3 Week Diet Sample

The 3 Week Diet

About The Author

Brian Flatt is the author of the 3 Week Diet. He is a sports nutritionist, personal trainer and a health coach all-in-one. With over 15 years of diet and nutrition experience, Brian is one of modern the leading roles in weight loss and fitness. Hundreds of thousands have changed their lives thanks to this awesome program.

3 Week Diet Overview

The purpose of the 3 week diet is to help you lose weight quickly. Whether you want to slim down for the holidays or look your very best at your wedding, the 3 week diet will work for you. Essentially, the program guarantees that the nutrition and dieting process will leave you as healthy as can be.

What You Get

  1. Introduction Manual intro, diet steps, supplements list
  2. Diet Manualwhat to eat, diet blueprint, BMI
  3. Workout Manualexercises, 20min per day 3-4x per week
  4. Mindset & Motivational Manualmental training, tips/secrets and tools for success

How It Works

Broken down into 4 phases, the plan helps weight loss through fasting and detoxing your body. By following this completely safe and easy to use method, your body will get rid of the unnecessary fat.

Although, the body can survive without fat and carbohydrates, it must have a daily amount of protein to build muscle and raise strength. As your commitment to the diet grows, you will notice a new invigorating interest in nutrition and good health.

The diet plan also introduces the understanding of catecholamines, which are in fact neurotransmitters that act as repositories for emotions and keep track of your mental capacity for the management of fat mobility. By committing to this plan, you ensure that you will not only look and feel great, but your body will become a furnace that burns fat.


First phase Liver Detox (1st week): Cleanses your liver to work better.

Second Phase – 24 hours Fasting (Day 8): No food at all for the entire day.

Third Phase – Fat Fast Diet (Days 9-11): High fat diet to get liver to burn more energy. The science behind it works.

Fourth Phase – BMR – Calorie Restriction (Days 12-21): Diet based on your unique metabolic rate. You will be taught what to eat and when to eat it and also how to calculate your own basal metabolic rate.


  • Do It From HomeNo need for a gym membership. All of the exercises can be done in the comfort of your home.
  • Ease of UseThe eBook explains everything you need to know to progress through it with relative ease.
  • 60 Day Money Back GuaranteeRemember: All it takes is 21 days to complete the exercises, so there’s no need to worry about not succeeding.
  • Works Even Afterward The information found within teaches you the reason for weight gain and loss. In no time at all, you’ll learn how to stay committed to a healthy lifestyle long after you stop the plan.


  • SupplementsThese are a big no-no for me and that is the main reason why the 3 week diet is getting such a low rating. However, it’s not a requirement to purchase supplements.
  • Complete CommitmentOnce you start, you must follow the guidelines fully or expect to not see the results you would want anytime soon.
  • No Workout VideosWhat you see in the manual is what you will get and few photos to go along with it.
  • Diabetics BewareDue to the phase plan of detoxing and fasting, it’s not recommended for people who have diabetes to partake in the dieting process.


With the advent of the internet, everything has become quite accessible. But this also means that there is a lot of false information out there regarding health, especially in the weight loss department. Those who struggle to lose weight continue doing so because of ignorance of what works and what doesn’t. The good news is that the 3 Week Diet definitely works. It won’t be an overnight success story. However, after the 21 days are up, you undoubtedly will have lost at least 15 POUNDS, if done correctly.

The 3 Week Diet is more about the commitment to the diet. Many programs merely encourage you to lose weight, but this system was devised with YOU in mind. The steps found within the program will guide you along and hopefully change your health for the better.

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The 3 Week Diet Video Review

In this video, Marcia details how she lost 10 pounds in her first week using The 3 Week Diet, and then how she went on to lose a total of 25 pounds over the course of the 21 days.

The Standard Package Cost = $47

Amazing, isn’t it? I’m looking forward to hearing  if this program worked for you.

Overall Rating: 3-5_stars-svg

Once again, the rating would have been at least 4/5 if not for those untrustworthy Ephedrine pills and stimulants. Wouldn’t recommend taking any kind of drug without consulting with your physician first.